Work force

The driving force behind any company? Its people! The current tight labour market however, makes it challenging for companies to attract the right people. Settling in a strategically located distribution centre in a densely populated area and creating a pleasant work environment both contribute to solving that problem.

DC RDAM is in proximity to Rotterdam, Ridderkerk and The Hague (40 km) and can easily be reached by car, public transport, and for some even by bicycle, creating a large potential work force.

The work environment plays an increasingly important part in the employees’ decision to choose an employer. Moreover, a high-end building will enhance people’s wellbeing and performance. On that philosophy DC RDAM is being built: its modern, luxurious offices have plenty of natural light and are fully equipped.

Accessibility employees
Rotterdam CS
30 minutes
Bus stop
10-minute walk
Every 10 minutes a bus
15 minutes from Rotterdam
25 minutes from The Hague


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Your choice for quality


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